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Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Zealand January 2016. 4 - Industrial internal combustion

New Zealand had an interesting variety of 3ft 6in gauge industrial internal combustion locomotives, and a sample is shown here.

A&T Burt of Dunedin built bush locomotives but also produced this Fordson shunter for Milburn Lime & Cement in 1926. It is now at the Ocean Beach Railway, Dunedin.

Hudswell Clarke built a dozen of these diesels for the New Zealand Public Works Department in 1936. Some later went to the Army, including this one, builder's number D592, now in a park at Leeston south of Christchurch.

A&G Price of Thames built this very basic 0-4-0DM, 150 of 1944, for the New Zealand Air Force. It is now preserved at Steam Scene near Christchurch.

Also at Steam Scene is this FC Hibberd "Planet" 4wDM (3602 of 1954), supplied to the New Zealand Ministry of Works.

Ruston & Hornsby Model LBT 387808 of 1955 was also supplied to the New Zealand Ministry of Works and is now at the Pleasant Point Railway near Timaru.

A narrow gauge Ruston & Hornsby 48DS, 458956 of 1961.
This was supplied to the Canterbury Frozen Meat Co and is seen here in a playground at Woodend, north of Christchurch.

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