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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Herbert River District Monday October 13

My last day in the Herbert River District looking at the locomotives at Victoria and Macknade mills.

At the Victoria Mill yard control office. Rebuilt Baldwin RYNNE (L) with rebuilt Walkers VICTORIA (R). Both locomotives are coupled to remote controlled brake wagons.
Walkers CLEM H. McCOMISKIE handles empty sugar boxes at Victoria Mill.
Clyde 0-6-0DH LUCINDA with full bins at the Victoria 3-mile. 
The first Clyde cane loco - Macknade Mill's 16 with empties near Brae Meadows
Heading towards the Macknade triangle, Macknade Mill's Baldwin 19 returning light engine from Victoria Mill with Clyde 12 following on.
Victoria Mill's EM Baldwin GOWRIE heads with fulls towards the mill from Blackrock
A rather shabby CENTENARY, the Victoria Mill Clyde empty yard shunter, makes a foray from the mill yard to place empties in the first loop on the Bambaroo line.

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