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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Far North Queensland 20 October 2014

South Johnstone Mil's Silkwood depot with its Clyde locomotives. 14 is refuelling while 15 is spare.

Clyde 14 prepares to haul full bins from a siding at Nyleta on the Number 4 branch.
14 heading with empties towards Japoon as it crosses the Liverpool Creek bridge at Silkwood.

EM Baldwin 24 stymied at Cowley by a banana plantation forklift stuck on the line.
At the north end of the Sandy Pocket loop near Moresby, double header 6 and 7 MORRISON head towards Mourilyan with fulls while 1 JOSEPHINE and 10 RUSSELL wait to proceed light towards Cowley

At the south end of Sandy Pocket loop, number 39 waits to proceed south with empties as Baldwin 24 arrives from Cowley with fulls.
In the South Johnstone system at Dinner Creek Road, north of Garradunga, Mulgrave Mill 5, still equipped with a Gardner diesel engine and mechanical transmission, is parked in the loop with a maintenance train.

Mulgrave Mill's Com-Eng MEERAWA heading towards the mill with fulls at Cucania. The red headstocks look good with the yellow and green livery.
EM Baldwin 4wDH MULGRAVE 10 parked at the Mulgrave Settlers' Museum showing its old blue livery underneath the yellow.

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