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Monday, August 19, 2013

Bressingham Gardens - 7 August 2013

Having discovered how to give Microsoft Outlook the equivalent of a good dose of Ritalin, I hope to be able to resume the blogging. (I'm not sure how long it will take to catch up.)

Bressingham Gardens in Norfolk once had wonderful displays of flowers but the land concerned now mostly lies waste. There were once two 2ft gauge railways but now only one remains. There are now two 1ft 3in gauge lines as well as the standard gauge museum. I went to see the 2ft gauge so I will concentrate on that.

There was just one train in operation on the 2ft gauge Nursery Line.

GEORGE SHOLTO, a 1909 Hunslet Quarry Tank, is well presented.

BEVAN, probably one of the ugliest 2ft gauge steam locomotives ever built (in 2009)

This 'Toby the Tram Engine' is a disguised Simplex diesel

BOVIS, a rare Hunslet battery electric locomotive of 1971

GWYNEDD, an 1883 Quarry Hunslet on display awaiting boiler work

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