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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Toddington - 14 July 2013

This narrow gauge site is an adjunct to the premises of the standard gauge Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway - the narrow gauge line runs along the foot of the main line embankment. There is a nice collection here, and they are able to benefit from visitors to the 'big railway'.

The first train of the day was diesel-hauled, by a modern Hunslet
A shed tour revealed their Heeresfaldbahn loco, used in Poland

. . . and a neat little FC Hibberd "Planet"

This carriage also came from Poland and has an authentic eastern European feel about it inside

This carriage was found in a nearby field a few years ago and originated from the 1924 British Empire Exhibition
This privately owned Heeresfeldbahn locomotive was used at Sena Sugar Estates in Mozambique

A Lister that had to be registered as a road vehicle because of where it was used
The steam loco in use was Arn Jung JUSTINE, built in 1906 for use in Belgium 

Hopefully I will be able to return here at a later date.

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